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Allen Cheng
  • Harvard University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Allen Cheng

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Allen Cheng is one of our tutors and cofounders. He received perfect scores on both the SAT and ACT, then went on to graduate summa cum laude from Harvard University, where he earned multiple teaching awards. From his own teaching and educational career, Allen noticed how most education, especially test prep, is too one-size-fits-all to be effective. He and his cofounder Fred created PrepScholar to bring you the same approach that’s worked for each of them — find your weak points and master them with focused practice. Allen's credentials and skills represent the type of tutors we have here at PrepScholar Tutors.

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I had 4 hours with my tutor. It was pretty amazing. The best thing was that she was right there while I was doing the SAT questions, which helped to understand where I was going wrong. For every wrong, and correct, answer, we would go over my thought process and she would tell me where I was going wrong. I learned how to better myself through this, which was amazing. My writing accuracy increased and my essay improved a ton.
Vanshika M.
Vanshika M.
My daughter Elissa got her ACT scores today and we are so excited with the results!! Her composite is now a 31, with the breakdown of 31 in English, 26 in Math, 34 in Reading, and 33 in Science. WOW!!! is all I can say!! As a parent it was fabulous to see her get these scores today and see the excitement in her eyes! You guys really gave her the boost she needed and gave her some added confidence! This is the best money I have ever spent!! I will recommend you guys to other parents! Thanks again!!
Melissa R.
Melissa R. (mother of Elissa) ACT: 31
I just want to thank you and your team for all the help! I am very happy with all my scores and never have to worry about the SAT's again! When I saw I went up 90 points in reading alone since I started Prepscholar tutoring I was shocked. I did not think my improvement would be so big in this section because it is where I have struggled the most. I am also happy I hit 700 in grammar. Breaking an overall score of 2000 was a huge accomplishment for me! Your program made me familiar with almost 95% of the math and grammar problems and clearly gave me amazing tips on how to succeed in the passage based reading sections.
Kyle P.
Kyle P.
Alex improved his SAT score so much with PrepScholar! In January, his reading was 550, math was 600, and writing was 580 with an essay score of 6. In May, his reading was 660, math was 690, and writing was 620 with an essay score of 6. Given that he improved 240 points (wow!) after working with the PrepScholar program, we can truly attest to the success of your service. We couldn't have asked for more from an online service. I know you are making improvements all of the time. In less than 3 years my other son will be signing up for your program, that is for sure. Thanks for all of your help and I wish you and your colleagues great success with this program.
Petra C.
Petra C.
You are the absolute best! My son was so happy when he came out. He did much better on this test than he did on the previous test. When my son came out of the previous test, he seemed down in the dumps. We knew right then and there, that the results were probably not going to be what we had hoped for, and that we would be exploring other options. After taking Prepscholar, he came out of the test with a huge smile on his face and told us right away that he did so much better. I shared PrepScholar with two Moms from his baseball team over the weekend. Their sons took the test on Saturday and they will wait on results the end of this month. Like my son, both boys were tutored with a program that fell short of delivering the results that they were hoping to see. I shared with them how dedicated my son has been with your program, and how motivating you were with him. As his parents, I am not quite sure how I can thank you for that moment. Thank you for everything!
Eileen H.
Eileen H.
I just got my scores back and I’m pleased to tell you that I made above my target score for the Critical Reading Section, meeting Kennesaw State University’s requirements! I am absolutely overjoyed and cannot thank you enough for helping me prepare for the SAT through Prep Scholar! It truly has made a difference, and y’all have done a fantastic job with everything!
Holly R.
Holly R. SAT: 1150 (on 1600 Scale)
I just wanted to thank you for the program. It really helped me with the test by changing my way of thinking. I went from a 1680 to an 1880, and I think I can still do even better. I just wanted to let you know that your program really worked out for me and helped me succeed. Thanks for everything!
Joe T.
Joe T. SAT: 1880
I got a 2100 and I am extremely happy with my score! I am very happy with how far I've come! My reading score is now a 690, math 690, and writing 720. I was the most happy with my writing as it improved greatly and I know that has a lot to do with the lessons I learned in PrepScholar!
Bella D.
Bela D. SAT: 2100
I would like to say a quick thank you to you for helping me prepare for my ACT. I took my test in February and scored a 35 and I'm very happy with the result.
Lucas E. ACT: 35
Andy [my son] improved to a 2080! Andy had a big improvement compared to previous one at 1870. Thanks!
Mary L.
Mary L. (mother of Andy) SAT: 2080